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Good TV series. What do you watch? I used to watch Lost to unwind need successor

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Everybody here forgot about 'V'? (Aliens who take over the world)
It was well done for the times this show aired.

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no signal? init 0?
You lost your muse?

A very different show was Nowhere Man.  Unforunately or fortunately, depending on your point of view, it was only one season.  I got the entire show on a DVD set from Deep Discount DVD for $30.  I wish they used maybe one more DVD to get a little better bitrate.  But you could watch it.  The plot was unique. Not the usual boiler plate.

-MilesAhead (June 12, 2009, 11:53 PM)
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Not boiler plate, but not exactly original either.

Everybody here forgot about 'V'? (Aliens who take over the world)
It was well done for the times this show aired.-Shades
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What are the odds you'd post that on the same day a friend of mine just emailed me this:

That's right. They are going to re-imagine the classic sci-fi TV series (their words) and it's going to be aired sometime in the future. ABC says it's part of the fall lineup, but IMDB says don't expect it till 2010. The clip on the above link looks good, though.

Since they are using the word 're-imagine' I'm thinking they are looking to cash in like the Sci-Fi Channel did when they 're-imagined' the old 70s TV series Battlestar Galactica.

Well, it's not exactly the prisoner.  In Prisoner, the guy is stuck in The Village(tm) while in Nowhere Man, there's no "escape."  Everywhere he goes is same crap different day.  They were both interesting.  Although Prisoner sort of dallied around before getting to the point of who is #1. :)

Not exactly, but close enough- the creator even admitted that it was large parts the Prisoner.  Especially in the beginning when they actually have him locked up before he escaped...


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