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Good TV series. What do you watch? I used to watch Lost to unwind need successor

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That's because 90% of people outside the UK don't have a sense of humour ;)-Carol Haynes (December 05, 2009, 09:00 AM)
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Yes...yes...that must be it.  ;)

That's because 90% of people outside the UK don't have a sense of humour ;)
-Carol Haynes (December 05, 2009, 09:00 AM)
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The 10% who do watch PBS.  That's where they recycle all the BritComs in the U.S. I was hoping to get more interesting programming when we got BBC America in the line-up.  There was an interval when the new Dr. Who came out when they presented a whole line-up of Sci Fi programs.  Now that seems to be chucked for "reality" stuff about why women get big boob jobs, talk shows, news and other stuff that doesn't generate a laugh.  Saturday night features back to back episodes of Robin Hood.  No wonder nobody is laughing.

Carol Haynes:
Unfortunately UK TV has become a joke in itself. The BBC & ITV were once the envy of the world for drama etc. now both are completely hooked on pointless reality TV, dumbed down drama and boring comedy.

I have to say that as a UK citizen (oops sorry 'subject' - no such things as citizens in the UK unless you are taking citizenship lessons in school, so much for democracy) I now watch far more American programmes than UK programmes simply because they are more intelligently written and have better production values. OK you need to weed out the good stuff from the dross but there are some cracking US shows and very little on UK TV that I want to watch.

There is the occasional recent UK gem:

Criminal Justice (two recent mini series both good)
Documentaries - Life, History of Scotland, Last Chance to See
Music - BBC Proms (though I wish the TV presenters were knowledgeable rather than 'personalities' who show their ignorance most of the time)

Favourites US TV in recent months:

Sopranos (I missed it when it was on TV and bought DVDs)
Deadwood (ditto)
West Wing (ditto - actually anything by Aaron Sorkin I think his writing is brilliant)
Boston Legal (as well as almost anything I can get by David E Kelley The Practice, Ally McBeal - his humour hits the right spot and I like his politics)
Weeds (didn't like it to start with but it grew on me)
Grey's Anatomy (yes I know it is girly but it makes me laugh)
House (well its Hugh Laurie and I can watch him in anything)
Monk & Psych (yes they are both light entertainment but done with a bit of style)
Burn Notice (found this by accident and have watched online)

We also have too many of the reality show variety.  I can only tolerate the ones with hot chicks in bikinis.  Since there's no plot at least there's something to look at.  There were a couple of Hollywood writers strikes a few years back.  I think part of the impetus for the reality craze is that lack of "script" means no unionized script writers.  Guess they plow all the money into locales, skimpy bathing suits, and halter tops.

At least with the skimpy bathing suit shows I usually don't have to listen to people trying to sing.  Everybody who can belt out a ballad in the shower seems to think that's really vocalizing.  It's so sickening to listen to that drivel on "talent" shows. The "singer" chicks that make music videos here should just quit the lip syncing and just do a strip show!!  Cleavage shake seems to be the main prerequisite for being "on key" in those things.

Lately I've caught a couple of episodes of Free Radio on Comedy Central.  The basic plot is a Howard Stern type radio personality bails to go on Satellite Radio(tm) leaving the radio station in the lurch.  Out of desperation they put his quasi-retarded intern on the air to do the show as a stop gap.  The ratings go way up and yadda yadda.  So far it's still bizarre enough to be amusing.

That's because 90% of people outside the UK don't have a sense of humour ;)
-Carol Haynes (December 05, 2009, 09:00 AM)
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Unless they're originally from UK!  ;) I love The IT Crowd...


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