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Good TV series. What do you watch? I used to watch Lost to unwind need successor

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Everyone has influences.  Miles was influenced by Harry "Sweets" Edison, but I'd hardly say that made him not original.  Like the man said, "sometimes it takes a long time to sound like yourself." :)

Anyway, bet a lot more people saw Prisoner than Nowhere Man.  Not likely to be shown in reruns in the U.S.

off topic:
no signal? init 0?
You lost your muse?
-Shades (June 13, 2009, 01:07 AM)
--- End quote ---

Oh. Sorry. I just updated my avatar to use a small animated gif that amused me, and forgot that feature has been disabled in the forums. (Kinda dumb of me. Especially since I put my tuppence in when it was previously discussed.)

Re: My Muse :-*:
Nope! Didn't lose her. She's sitting right across from me, jamming along on guitar with an Alvin Lee CD as I'm typing this. ;)

Hmm...House, NCIS, and Kings (NBC), which is wonderfully strange, hard to follow, and wasn't picked up for a second season.  :mad: :'(

+1 for Kings. So crushed it wasn't signed up for a second season.


Hello all,

we usually get tv shows later in Germany, so one of my favorites is LIFE (already cancelled), NCIS (alltime favorite), Torchwood from GB. I love Medium, as they show a household and life with children as it is and not as sterile and clean as everywhere else. Still not enough stuff in the hallway.
Criminal Minds is great, so is Bones and Mentalist is nice to see.
CI5 - The Professionals was a great show from the 70ies, so I very much enjoy (british) Life on Mars. Brings back memories.
Best ever - and regularly re-seen: Buffy, Firefly, Angel. Joss can't do anything wrong except choosing the wrong networks.
If you wonder: I have three children. Any show with more than 45 minutes would be interrupted way to often to enjoy it. So it's tv shows for me.

Thomas from Berlin, Germany


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