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Klip Keeper Access Violation

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does the error happen when you select or try to activate one of the kk results?
if so i believe it's a conflict with the fscript fsubscript plugins.
-mouser (June 05, 2009, 02:44 AM)
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Hi All

Yes, the error was occurring when I was trying to select one of the active kk results.

I installed the new fscript.dll over all of the other instances of fscript.dll found in the FARR directory and Klip Keeper works fine now! Thanks for the help!

thanks you very much !  now the locate32 plugin work fine after replace fscript.dll from 1.15 to 1.17 . thanks !

FYI, IIUC, the latest dll is at version 1.20 and may be obtainable via:

Just a note for posterity, at the risk of duplication. I was doing some migration of FARR and its plugins and checking on latest version numbers, etc., and noticed that the links to the latest fscript on this thread are now broken (404).
I'm not sure at the moment where the latest official version is archived.

The version I have is v1.20.
There is a file with it:
Filename: readme fscript dll is now version 1_2.txt

this gmail plugin version contains the correct/latest fscript.dll 1.2


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