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Klip Keeper Access Violation

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I just installed the Klip Keeper plugin and when I try to use it an access violation occurs that closes FARR. Any ideas on what could be causing this? I've attached an image of the error box that comes up.

Just wanted to add that I run all my programs, find files, search google, access bookmarks, and do a ton of other things all through FARR. It's the best do everything program I've ever seen.  Thanks for developing it.

does the error happen when you select or try to activate one of the kk results?
if so i believe it's a conflict with the fscript fsubscript plugins.

I uploaded a new FScript.dll that should solve the issue. You can get it from . Get fscript.1.17.dll and replace fscript.dll in the fsubscript plugin.

The new fscript.dll works!!!

note to others who try it:
1. grab the latest fscript.dll from ecaradec's page (as of today it's fscript.1.17.dll)
2. rename it to fscript.dll
3. exit farr
4. replace any copies of fscript.dll in your farr plugins subdirectories with this new one.
(if you have multiple fscript-based plugins installed, there may be more than one copy of the dll! dont leave any files like fscript_bakup.dll or fscript.dllbackup in the directories or those dll's might get loaded)
5. restart farr

brilliant work emmanuel!

good work ecaradec. :up: with this new dll, i might try some of the plugins that usually error out on me.


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