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Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall SPECIAL INTRO PRICING $14.95

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Sunbelt Software

Finalizes Kerio firewall deal

Equals good deal...i hope

Funny - they list separate pricing for one to five licenses - but there's no discount anywhere.

Carol Haynes:
Have they dropped the free version then?

The prices at should reflect the
$14.95,no discount code needed.

@Carol Haynes
Not sure,at that price though i purchased a license,going to install in a minute,give it a test drive.It's difficult finding
a firewall these days as other threads have made the point.I'm going to bang on it a while.
...Here goes nothing (or everything :-\)

Ah,at the bottom of this page,the chart implies a free version is still availible

This was on the Sunbelt blog today:

Today we announced the completion of our acquisition of the Kerio Personal Firewall and the Kerio Server Firewall.   Link to our corporate propaganda here.

Here are the key points:

      We have acquired both the Kerio Personal Firewall and the Kerio Server Firewall. Both products will be re-branded on an interim basis as the “Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall” and “Sunbelt Kerio ServerFirewall”.
      Existing customers of the paid versions will receive full technical support through Sunbelt, with the additional enhancement of access to Sunbelt’s toll-free support.   Yup. Toll free support, right here in the US of A.
      We are also maintaining Kerio’s product support forums for both products, with full transition of the forums to Sunbelt servers expected by January.  Forum link here.
      We are continuing Kerio’s tradition of offering a free home version.
      We will be launching a new version of the Kerio Server Firewall in the first quarter of next year, at a competitive price point.
      We are dropping the price on both products.  And, we’re giving 25% off on the Kerio Personal Firewall product through the end of March. 

Personal Firewall will get Sunbelt’s “no brainer” pricing.

We’ve had this idea for years of what we call “No Brainer” pricing.  The idea is that it’s such a value that it makes the whole purchasing decision easy.  Plus, I do feel that most software is overpriced anyway.


Well, $19.95 is no-brainer pricing.  It’s the cost of a decent meal. So we have priced the Kerio Personal Firewall at Sunbelt’s No Brainer pricing of $19.95.  With that, you get one year of free support, upgrades and updates.  Subsequent annual subscriptions are currently $10.  It’s a ridiculously good deal.


This type of pricing upsets my accountants and the competition, but it’s good for the user and ultimately, it’s good for the company as it allows us to develop a large user base..   


But I went a step further.  I want as many people that are using the free version to convert to the paid version.  I also want our own users to own the product. And in order to get people to buy, you need two things:  a) a hot price and b) time urgency.  So I instructed our online shop team to put in place a 25% discount on the Kerio Personal Firewall until March 31.  That makes it $14.95.  It’s ridiculously cheap and I expect a lot of people will be buying up this firewall.


This $14.95 pricing works for people renewing their license purchased through Kerio as well.   


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