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Sticky Notes - Freeware Roundup

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Concerning Stickies (Zhorn) and searching & sorting: I've been playing with the thought of making a FARR plugin for that (à la FarrMilk) as I'm using it myself. But I wasn't sure how useful it would really be (I don't have that many stickies), given the amount of work it would cause. And now that hamradio made a notes plugin for FARR that gap has been closed as well.

Although not billed as a sticky note app, Windows PowerPro ( has a sticky note component.

It allows notes to stay on top of other windows (or not), rollup notes, note categories, custom colors, and more.

The memory usage for PowerPro is about the same as a dedicated sticky notes program, and also provides app launching, sys info, clipboard management, reminders, and more.

Windows PowerPro ( has a sticky note component.
-Doppelganger (July 01, 2009, 12:12 PM)
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I run the excellent PowerPro and don't disagree with anything you say - but I started with a shareware sticky notes program (Magic Notes) before I had PowerPro, and have to say I found dedicated sticky notes programs easier to use than PowerPro's sticky notes feature.  If you want freeware, Zhorn Software's Stickies is hard to beat, and I most probably wouldn't have paid money if I'd found it first.

Boy... I sure coulda used this page yesterday...  ;D

No way I could even come close to matching this with a New Post!  ;)

I wanted a scratch pad and the one I found elsewhere... PNotes... is just what I needed!  :)    PNotes is also listed above and is freeware.


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