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Sticky Notes - Freeware Roundup

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There is also PNotes, which is completely compatible with Unicode, a feature encountered in very few of the sticky notes applications. It is free and open source. Also portable.

Steven Avery:
Hi Folks,

Thanks muntealb.  PNote is actually a major player, with a webforum and the open source aspect and portableapss aspects and I am adding it above.  When an Aussie site looked for the six best they included it along with others that we put near the top.

The Free Software Store

Stickies, PNotes, PrestoNotes, NetNote Client, iQ-Notes and NoteIt (Veign) are referenced.


Useful list, thanks for compiling it.  :up:

I love ShirusPad - pity it's never been developed further, although it's fine as it is! Forum's a bust though...

Steven Avery:
Hi Folks,

ShirusPad has a lot of fans on the net, even with the dormant 2005 version.

Here are some of the main players in the commercial note area .. the five after NoteZilla have freeware softwares.


NoteZilla - $30


Dynamic Notes $17 and Power Notes $22 - PowerSoft (Freebie Notes)

NotesPP - Notes Plus Plus - $20
Sticker - $15
Secure Reminder - $25
(MoRUN has 2 freewares - these are current prices after a discount)

NotesHolder Pro - $20

NetNote Server (Client is free and can be used standalone)  - (up to 5 $75)

Exstora Pro  (PIM with Sticky Notes feature) $16


TurboNote+ - $30

Magic Notes - $15

Desktop Notes - $15

Desktop 3D-Notes - $30

Stickypad - $5 (uses .Net)

Post-it Digital Notes - $20
Cute Reminder - $30

Note Wonder - $30

e-Ticky - $14

Steven Avery


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