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Sticky Notes - Freeware Roundup

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Steven Avery:
Hi Folks,

Simple Notes Organizer added to freeware list. And Exstora url.


Online Stickies.

"Jjot helps you take online notes Think of it as online sticky notes. They're simple, fast, and you can access them from any computer."

Sticky Notes Online
e.g. Gadget for Google Desktop


Diigo: Web Highlighter and Sticky Notes (Firefox Extension)

This opens up a whole new area that probably has many other programs. Just wanted to touch base, not to forget the area.  

Steven Avery

There is an older freeware version of 3M's Post-it Digital Notes (Post-it Software Notes Lite). The major differences is that you can't create memoboards with it (I think it has only 1 default board), I think you are limited to only yellow notes, and it is most likely not Vista compatible. (it is 9x compatible, however)

Some others I found while looking for a URL for that free version:


Yellow Memo $29.95

Screen Notes $14.95 (older freeware version also available)

CS Desktop Notes $12.00

ndxCards $49.00 - $89.00
This one mimics 4x6 index cards, rather than sticky notes. Target user seems to be a bit more along the lines of lawyers, writers, businesses, and those that would use it to organize research info for writing academic papers (has features like outlining and automatic citation formatting)

dtNotes $19.95

BrainStreamer $89.00
This one is a cross between sticky notes and mind mapping, and you can copy Excel tables to notes.

StickyNote $19.95 $29.95
Site says one price, and buy one get one free, but order form has a higher price for a 2 user license. (that's the cheapest they offer)


Sticky Notes

Portable Sticky Note Software

Note Mania
This one has some unusual features. You can subscribe to RSS feeds with it and the headlines will be converted into notes. It also supports a variety of linking options, allowing you to not only link to web pages and email addresses, you can also link to other notes, files, folders, and launch executables with optional command line parameters.

This is a good one.
Simple and can be in the rightclick menu,
for a quick note.

Amongst its very many components, doOrganizer also has a sticky note module.

Hey you all forgot Sync notes @
its also got a web sync feature.  You can also store note online and send notes to other sync notes users


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