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Sticky Notes - Freeware Roundup

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Steven Avery:
Hi Folks,

  From the recent threads and the NoteZilla review we have seen that two products understandably generate the most interest.

NoteZilla - ConceptWorld - Shareware

Stickies  - Zhorn - Freeware

Yet there are many others to consider. First, the freeware. However, most of these freeware products do not have what I consider the two most significant features  -

1) Auto-See & Auto-Hide (opening programs, documents, webpages)
2) Functional data repository for all the notes (sorting, searching)

Yet, not all might consider these requirements, especially those looking for simple sticky capabilities and little more.  (btw .. what other Note software has these features ?  Perhaps one or two of the other commercial apps ? )

Thus, this post is the freeware review, the listing of currently available with a spot of info and urls.  After chopping out a few for various reasons there were about 20+ that were interesting.


This site has some pics of a lot of the freeware software.

Free Sticky Notes
(Crawler should be avoided, Desktop 3D Notes is commercial)


FREEWARE (& Donationware)


Note-It - Veign

Shock Sticker - (Freeware Genius likes this)


KNot - update of "Akatanomasto" by Cylog -   Kostas Symeonidis

PaperNotes - Open Source

StickIt - Singer's Creations

NetNotes6  (server edition is commercial)

FreeNote - mgshareware  (toolbar to decline on install)

Hott Notes (updated 2007 - forum active)

StickyPad - Green Eclipse (updated 2007)

Stickypaper - (from Japan)


Sheer Notes - Solway's Software

Two Notes - Softjournal

TK8 Easy Notes


Efficient Sticky Notes (related to "Efficient PIM")

Simple Sticky Notes - Simnet

Simple Notes Organizer

WireNote (2005) - PIM'ish capabilities

Shirusu Pad (2005)

Fast Note (2005)



Freebie Notes - PowerSoft (Also Dynamic Notes $17 and Power Notes $22)

Stickler Lite    (MoRUN has about five Note softwares, these two are the freewares)
Free Sticky Notes

NotesHolder - (Pro - $20)


Notes: Online stickies are not included here.  Efficient (above) .. a bit of an Essential PIM knockoff .. is the only regular PIM I know that has separately broken out the sticky notes as its own app.

Exstora and Exstora Pro
is a PIM application with a sticky note feature and note manager.

Some here might have experiences with these freewares.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  If so .. please share away.

Steven Avery

Stickypaper (page in Japanese, application in English, portable)

NotesHolder - (Pro - $20) -Steven Avery (June 04, 2009, 02:05 AM)
--- End quote ---

That appears to be NetNote.  NotesHolder is by A!K Research Labs.  It isn't a conventional sticky notes program in the traditional 3M style, but it's an interesting and potentially useful alternative.  E.g., recent versions have a convenient feature that a hotkey will copy the clipboard contents into a new note, and if your clip came from a browser, will automatically include the URL.  Recent versions of the payware version - $19.95, but offers have been known, including a recent one on Bits du Jour - are mislabelled false positives in Trend OfficeScan AV.  The current free version isn't so treated.

Steven Avery:
Hi Folks,

Thanks. Changes above duly made.

Added Stickypaper.  (or is that ricepaper ?  or stickyrice ? )

Notesholder given right name. NetNote is higher up, different company.  Those are two of the more interesting of the group.  The section is so packed that it is hard to find the ones that have special features and utility.

There are cases where the line between a general simple note program and an official "Sticky Note" program is thin.  Any program that allows for light and quick notetaking and storage and remembrance can be considered in the roundup, however I tried to find the ones that either looked like Sticky Notes in a picture or used the metaphor for their software.

Including the browser url from the clipboard is interesting.  Is it getting the last focused screen page ? If so you would have to be careful not to open a new page before clipping to NotesHolder.  Any other strong features come to mind ?

Steven Avery


Including the browser url from the clipboard is interesting.  Is it getting the last focused screen page ? If so you would have to be careful not to open a new page before clipping to NotesHolder.  Any other strong features come to mind ?
-Steven Avery (June 04, 2009, 06:36 AM)
--- End quote ---

I think you have to mark some text and immediately hit the Notesholder hotkey.  If you change browser tabs or Alt-Tab to another application first, nothing seems to happen.

I'm not sure about "strong features."  I dislike its reminder system because it displays all expired notes, which I don't always want for routine reminders, and I can't see a way of turning that off.  Notesholder can be portable, which is nice.  You can activate it by hotkey and/or by "bumping" a thin vertical line at the edge of the screen.  The Lite version works well and is small, so there's no reason not to try it.  It has a very different look-and-feel from normal sticky notes programs, more like a continuous ribbon of paper.  Sticky notes are often better if you want something at a particular screen location, which you can't do with Notesholder.


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