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Weird Window When Computer Boots Up

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No, the program is called ADWARE PROFESSIONAL.

What is the best thing to do then????
Should I buy a new copy of Windows XP
then have the TECH install that????
My computer is over 7 years old and
I no longer have the original WINDOWS XP CD
that came with the computer.

No, the program is called ADWARE PROFESSIONAL.
-moranacus (June 06, 2009, 01:14 PM)
--- End quote ---

Sorry - I'm not usually contrary with anyone so stubborn, but I think you should check again. And if you insist on yelling...  then KOJA!


>What is the best thing to do then????

J-Mac told you many times what to do. I told you what to do. This is the last time I write in this thread:  :-\

As paying customer you shouldn't mess around with system restore and stuff. You paid for an working system, demand it. If your tech guy can't do remote desktop sessions and fix this minor problem remotely, this guy sounds like a loser and you should really really find another person for your PC troubles. Installing Windows XP all over again is no solution to every problem.

IF your tech guy is willing to DEMAND MONEY (and quite much) for installing a PIRATED Windows XP, he should accept the consequences... like you, the customer, following the "Bought a PC with no genuine installation of Windows" steps if Activation/Windows Genuine Advantage fails.

Sorry everyone but this is getting me upset!!!!
I had a tech that did lots of stuff for my computer with no problem then
WINDOWS XP got corrupted (the first time/not this one). He installed
I didn't see any problem at first and didn't know he did this until WINDOWS shutdown
and the other tech saw it.
The new tech has a different copy of the WINDOWS versions and
installs one of them that the customer needs if they no longer have the original CD. He then goes to Microsoft and activates it. I guess Microsoft caught this eventually in one of the updates.
I don't see a problem with me buying a new copy of WINDOWS XP and installing that
so that it would be a truly valid copy of WINDOWS.
I have a 45 day warranty on the repair that was done and it won't cost me anything
to fix this.
I just want someone to clarify that this would work.
I don't really want to call Microsoft and pay them $59 to answer my question.


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