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Weird Window When Computer Boots Up

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Don't you sleep????
Thanks for you info!!!!
I never had to do this before!!!
-moranacus (June 06, 2009, 03:02 AM)
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Actually I don't sleep very much.

moranacus, it sounds like you aren't very experienced with computers, or at least Windows. At least not yet!

Microsoft for years did not pursue users of pirated Microsoft software very vigorously. Apparently they finally realized that no amount of money is ever enough, and so they decided to go after pirated software in a big way. You see, though we all bitch about Microsoft a lot - and that includes me! - it is the most pirated software in the world, or so I have read. So while we all complain about it, apparently we all want it very much. Microsoft started a program called Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) which is really just an authentication of Windows for all users. In order to get Microsoft Updates or download software from their site, you must have their authentication software on your computer. Prior to WGA Windows still had to be activated, and it still does today, though Microsoft has recently started combining the WGA and Windows Activation programs.

Here are some more links that you really should read if you plan to keep on using Microsoft products:

How to Activate Windows XP    This goes through each step you need to take, including how to activate over the internet and/or by phone. THere are several phone numbers but you should use the one that you get from your computer. This article tells you how.

What is Microsoft Product Activation?    This is an article on Microsoft's Resources site. Explains the reasons for activation and has links to FAQs.

Genuine Microsoft Software    This is Microsoft's web site that explains what WGA is and how and why they use it. (Mostly an attempt to justify what I feel is their intrusive behavior.)

Genuine Microsoft Software Frequently Asked Questions     Again, this is stuff you should learn, but I wouldn't get too far into it until after you use the first link here to get activated.


I'll 2nd that (wr975), No machine ever leaves our shop without activation and all security updates installed. Make Them Fix It.

It takes all of 3 sec to verify activation, that should not have left the shop.
-Stoic Joker (June 06, 2009, 11:35 AM)
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Both of you are most likely correct, however I am a fatalist and pretty much expect such sloppy service! I always prefer to know how to do it myself.  :)


I talked to the tech that reinstalled WINDOWS XP and he told me to try to do SYSTEM RESTORE back about a week but I wasn't able to go back farther than June 4 and I already had the problem
then. I also getting a window on the bottom right of my computer that says:
My computer has a 45 day warranty and the tech told me that he's going to have to wipe the hard drive and reinstall WINDOWS XP again.
He also told me not to use SuperAntiSpyware anymore because it wasn't doing it's job because I got a problem and to only use AVAST. He also said to keep using ADWARE PROFESSIONAL and to do manual updates and scans once a week.
He also said to keep using ADWARE PROFESSIONAL and to do manual updates and scans once a week.
I'm also not going to shut off the computer and I'm either going to put it in SLEEP or HIBERNATE MODE.
I don't want to turn off the computer and turn it on later and have WINDOWS XP not be able to load at all like the last time.

I have one other question.
Is it safe to do anything like pay bills online or make purchases at EBAY with the WINDOWS NOT ACTIVATED PROBLEM????

First of all, SuperAntiSpyware is fine. And I assume you mean Adaware Pro, not Adware? Adaware was OK in its day... Unfortunately its day passed a few years ago. I don't see how SuperAntispyware could have had anything to do with this, though I would recommend stopping all anti-spyware and anti-virus active scanners while activating. None of your anti-malware could have been running - or even installed - when this guy reinstalled Windows.

Did he reinstall it with your original Windows disk? If not then HE must activate XP for you, as there is no way for you to know the key for his license. And I have to presume that he is using a volume license. If you call Microsoft to tell them you cannot activate and then tell them the tech who installed it for you, they may be interested if it turns out he is installing pirated copies of Windows.

This guy sounds like a real winner. Is he associated with any larger service? Geek Squad or anything?



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