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They can't call this -Zilla and have it cost money  :huh:


Hello Everyone,

Thank you so much for the suggestions and feedback.
I have read all of them. In needs further analysis and brain-storming, which we will do when we start developing the new version.
Let us know how else we can serve you.

Gautam Jain

-conceptworld (June 09, 2009, 12:32 AM)
--- End quote ---

Hi developer.

I am using notezilla for more than a year and since you are so kind to ask for suggestions, I would like to have a 24 hours format on the "Set Reminder" window, as the AM-PM format confuses me sometimes.



If you change your system time's to 24 hour format and restart NoteZilla, it will automatically change to 24 hour format in Set Reminder window.


Gautam Jain


Actually I am using tclock light with the 24 hour format and I thought that I have set globally as 24 hr format but you are right


Hello Steven & everyone,

Just to let you know that we have recently launched the new version - Notezilla 8.

The new version comes with several new & modern features. Couple of them are 1) You can sync your sticky notes between multiple computers 2) Access notes from your iPhone, Android, iPad, Windows Phone, Tablet or any other device.

Learn more about Notezilla
See what's new in Notezilla

As usual, you can try Notezilla for free.

Thanks for the opportunity to post here.

Gautam Jain


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