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SnagIt 7.25 - free until June 5, 2009

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Steven Avery:
Hi Folks,


"Thank you for your interest in Snagit. We are happy to offer you a free, legal version of Snagit 7.2.5 through 5 pm (EST) on June 5, 2009. Please note this version is not compatible with Windows Vista. Please register below to receive your software key. As a registered user, you automatically qualify for upgrade pricing to our latest version – Snagit 9.1. For more information on our latest version – Snagit 9.1 – please visit "

Found on the Wilder's thread this AM
SnagIt - Free License

(Where they mention it works fine on Vista and also discussed some other software.)

No doubt SnagIt is quality, even if you use Screenshot Captor, WinSnap, Purrint, HyperSnap, FastStone, Jing and Potato online and a dozen others, there likely will be some features (web captures, text capture, editing, this and that) where you find SnagIt the best.  If I remember, its text capture facility is pretty neat. OCR .. and the auxiliary area of text capture through the Windows API .. is a complex area, and one size never fits all, Evernote is known for some capabilities in that area through the cloud.

Steven Avery

SnagIt 9 is amazing. It's the only thing I ever use. It's a one-stop shop for screencapping *anything* and then editing the screenshot to suit whatever needs you may have.

My opinion is anyone jumping on this free license and then leveraging that into an upgrade to SnagIt 9 would be making a very good investment.

EDIT: In case anyone is curious. The upgrade pricing is $24.95 to upgrade to the latest v9.xx release which is quite a savings over the non-upgrade price of $49.95.

Thanks Steven!  I just purchased the upgrade for 24.95!

i still have version 7.2.5 installed from a GAOTD offer some time back but i always forget it's there ever since i disabled the auto-start.

Lanux, I'd get this version as well. I believe the GAOTD version isn't eligible for upgrades...never know when you might need it.


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