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June 2009 Discounts and Giveaway - Winners Posted June 28, 2009

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And here we have our winners:

Winners of 'AntispamSniper for TheBat' (10):

* botkachenko
* zoril
* Hypophyse
* qdm99
* erikts
* dcm
* beethoven
* rlw
* The_Doomer
* a_lunaticWinners of 'DonationCoder Mug' (2):

* 4wd
* aarontxAll winners are now being notified by email to their forum email address.  If you haven't received an email but your name is listed above, check spam filters and forum email address, and then mail [email protected] and let us know you never got any mail.  It can take a few days for companies to send you your serial number; if a few days pass and you haven't received it - send a reminder to the company email as noted in your winning notification email, or to us by replying to the email you received or to us directly.

Curious about how we award prizes?  See for a discussion about our custom prize optimizer utility. Winning something one month reduces your chances of winning the next month, and being helpful on the forum slightly increases your chances.


Look on with envy oh winners1 of mere software for I have become of the elite Order of the Mug!  :P

I'd like to thank my parents, my wife and all those that made this momentous occasion possible.

Oh yeah, and mouser  :Thmbsup:

Disclaimer: Just kidding!

Huge congratulations to all the winners. This month's giveaway is especially cool for me because I was able to help the site out by securing those AntispamSniper licenses for giving away. :)

And 4wd, please revisit this thread when you get your mug so you can post a digital pic of the expression on your wife's face when she sees you open your package and hold your mug over your head in triumphant victory. :)

Please forgive me for not mentioning that, Innuendo.  A HUGE thanks to you for arranging that for everyone!!!

And here we have our winners:

Winners of 'AntispamSniper for TheBat' (10):

* erikts[snip]
-mouser (June 28, 2009, 10:12 PM)
--- End quote ---

Thank you very much for the prize. It helps me migrate to TheBat!  :Thmbsup:  :Thmbsup:


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