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June 2009 Discounts and Giveaway - Winners Posted June 28, 2009

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the 5 copies the fenix told me to give away will go to recent coding snacks authors.

the 5 copies the fenix told me to give away will go to recent coding snacks authors.
-mouser (May 30, 2009, 07:12 PM)
--- End quote ---

Aw, man...  no one ever gives us lazy bums a break!

One day I might do something about that. 


Steven Avery:
Hi Folks,

Wasn't there something said about mini-reviews ?  To encourage us PC not-really-coder-yet folks ?

(Are there two groups of FIVE each !! ?  Amazing. Even one five is really generous. Thanks either way.  I'm getting tired of 1-2-3 .. TC is so kewl I want to find a nice discount and buy .. or even better .. win a freebie !  .. (Free Commander is nice too, but it simply is not the same. One of the very best freewares and one of the very best friendly-sharewares. Hmmm.. we could use a Free Commander review ! :) .. nahh.. surely the Freeware Genius has that covered.)  Actually I think NoteZilla could use a real review, it has the potential to be the first real new-way-of-doing-stuff program in a while, for me at least.  I sent some notes to the author, but he is away till .. tomorrow.)

If so, 2 or 3 days from Sat would sound like an extension !! Yeah.  All the way to Monday or Tuesday, anything before the Wednesday thing.  

but.. but .. are the mini-reviews still in the mix  ? .. or is it just coding snacks ?   The problem is .. I don't think I can easily become a good PC coder in 2 days, expanding from my mini-computer and dabbling with database stuff.

Well anyway, tell us the precise parameters !! (in English, not C++). Thanks !


(who thinks very highly of Total Commander, and remembers the original XTree and used "POP" on the System 36 and doesn't remember ever getting DOpus fully loaded even though one version was on one of those UK mags.)

2Steven Avery
Once again ;)

10 TC keys will be given to DC members:
- 5 for reviews - by me,
- 5 for snacks - by mouser.

We have agreed for some delay (Tue/Wed) hoping for more people to come after latest Newsletter.

As for me: I've decided that "my" deadline will be on Wednesday (3rd of June) at 6PM (GMT).

Steven Avery:
Hi Folks,

Thanks.  Good to know, I fergot to read back carefully.  Thanks for the deadline extension !  .. let's see .. GMT .. ok, that is about 1PM EST.

(Very busy couple of days, but will try to squeeze in a review.)

Steven Avery


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