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IDEA - extended audio mixer

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I've been thinking about a little addition to windows default volume control mixer. Whilst the default one is useful, it would be nice to have a few extra features.

It would be nice to be able to save the current settings as a preset, settings like the various volume levels as well as the speaker settings all saved as a preset. This would allow a simple way to move between settings for headphone, speakers and different recording options.

The ability to set any of the controls to a hotkey would mean you could switch between the presets with a key press and bind volume controls to the mousewheel and other keys.

This project could either be made to hook into the default mixer and add the features or if prefered build a new more slimline gui.

What do you think guys?

I - personally - don't feel the need.

I don't even touch the Windows mixer - never. Why would I? Same applies for the volume up/down keys on my keyboard.

Instead, I prefer to use programs which easily allow volume changes with the keyboard. In Winamp, you could use the great Global Hotkeys to remotely control Winamp while it's minimized to its tray icon.

In Zoom Player, which I use for video playback mostly, I did set the CursorUp and CursorDown buttons to easily allow volume changes.

So instead of having one app to do everything, you would rather configure app after app to do the same job?

I use the mixer a lot, I listen to tunes constantly. I use winamps global hotkeys, but it is so much easier to use the mouse wheel for volume (I currently use the freeware app volumouse). There are also many games/app (e.g. bf2, CSS, windvd) that reset your mixer settings meaning you have to reset them everytime you've used them. A hotkey would save so much work.

Whilst it might not be needed it would certainly make life easier because it would automate so much.

No, you got me wrong. The mixer is always set to 100%, I just change the specific volume for Winamp and Zoom Player when I need to. Also, I prefer to use the Keyboard instead of the mouse since that's faster and more flexible. I'm no gamer, so you may need more than I do.

To be honest, I never used to use windows mixer much, until I got 5.1 speakers and needed to control each speaker. Since that time I use it all the time and for gaming it's needed loads, due to needing to swap to headphones and having to check/fix your mic settings for voice comms etc. You should also try using a mouse for volume settings, once you do you couldnt go back to keyboard. My old logitech navigator keyboard had a wheel for volume and when it finally died and got replaced the new one didnt, and I missed the wheel so much until I found volumouse. Using the keyboard is just not quick enough, by the time you've held the key down and the volume starts to change, you could have already had the volume upa dn back with a mouse. ;)

If anyone knows of any software that allows presets as I mention, I'd really love to hear of it. :)


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