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AntispamSniper For The Bat!

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Yes, I did mention that AntispamSniper was available for other clients, but what I did forget to mention was make sure you stop by the AntispamSniper forum & read one of the new version announcements. At the bottom of each one is a link to some black list rules you can download to import into AntispamSniper to make it even better.

I don't often (maybe ever :o) buy software as a result of a forum review or discount but today I did. Good job guys, for making me aware of this one and persuading me to take advantage of the DC discount. I looked at it a while back but just felt it would be too much effort to set up. You convinced me otherwise.

I purchased AntispamSniper for the bat using the discount coupon.  When I tried to purchase it for Outlook, I got a 'invalid coupon code'.  Does the coupon only work for The Bat! version at this time?

it should work on all -- let me ask vitaly to look into it.

Just checked it myself and discount code seems to work on every version, so i'm not sure why it was giving you that error.

Let's continue this discussion on the discount thread though.

to clarify what superboyac is saying you can change "attach" to "attachthumb" to use thumbnails -- no need to reupload any of the files, etc.

but i think the review is fine as it is -- i think screenshots help one to follow along.
-mouser (May 27, 2009, 06:54 PM)
--- End quote ---

I agree 100%. The screenshots I felt were necessary seeing the somewhat complexity of the product.  After reading this review i immediately purchased this for my theBat! (which I happily learned of via this awesome site) and was glad to have the easy-to-read screenshots to take me through setting it up.  I think it defintely helps people like me who are not as technical minded and visual as well.  :-)      Many thanks Innuendo!



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