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AntispamSniper For The Bat!

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Mouser, thank you for the kind words. If you (or anyone) has any questions regarding features in AntispamSniper For The Bat! I'd be more than happy to explain away any confusion.

f0dder, I agree. The pictures do make the review a bit long. Just no other way was going to show the full breadth of features and options of this program. And yes, I did skimp on some of the option descriptions for fear of the review becoming a techie alphabet soup.

I'll take the constructive criticism to heart, though. This was my first review. Ever. I'll improve in time, I think. I'm surprised I even managed to get the screenshots in the proper order.  ;)

I think the pictures are good. One way of keeping them, but reducing the space they take is to combine some of the adjacent screenshots into a single image and load that into the review.

There's also the thumbnail feature.  i use that a lot in my reviews.

to clarify what superboyac is saying you can change "attach" to "attachthumb" to use thumbnails -- no need to reupload any of the files, etc.

but i think the review is fine as it is -- i think screenshots help one to follow along.

Hello, I'm the author of AntispamSniper. This is a nice review, thank you Innuendo!

You've actually inspired me to try AnispamSniper again.. I tried it a year ago and was overwhelmed by the options (just as you point out when describing it's drawback).  I just felt lost and it didn't work as well as i hoped out of the box.  But i'm willing to try it again.
-mouser (May 27, 2009, 03:46 PM)
--- End quote ---
I understand your feelings, because the program looks a bit more complex from the inside :) But the latest version, with the features added during last year (SpamNet, URIBL, additional rules), provides good filtering quality even without touching the settings. And in most cases it is not necessary to dig all options for reaching 99% quality. It is enough to mark some amount of saved messages as spam and ham. The plug-in will update the content classification database and white/black lists of addresses. Filling the white list at maximum is most important, because this allows to avoid the false positives. After the initial training the plug-in should classify incoming mail with at least 95% quality, and the number of mistakes becomes lower as you mark the misclassified mail as spam and ham and use auto-training. The classification results are displayed in Filtering log, and it is possible to see the spam ratios for each message and the reasons of classifying a message as 100% spam or ham.
The advanced settings, e.g. RegExp based rules, are useful for those who receive hundreds or even thousands of spam messages every day. Using the customized set of rules it is possible to block most of spam on the server, without downloading the message body.

BTW, I'd like to give some number of free licenses for the commercial version of TheBat plug-in to the honored members of this site and a discount coupon for others. Please let me know how to make this properly. Thanks!


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