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DONE: "Stop Me From Closing It" - prevent easy closing of a program

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 :) Here's a very late entry! I stumbled across the solution while browsing for another project.

NoClose - Disable the Close button (X) of selected windows.

- Press Ctrl+1 to Enable or Disable the Close button of the active window.
- Press Ctrl+2 to Add a rule.
- Automatic enabling and disabling of close buttons on program start and stop, and on window creation.
- Change hotkeys and automation options.

You'll find the downloads and more info at 1 Hour Software by Skrommel.


skrommel - amazing!

beautiful about box too by the way!

 :tellme: Please make shure you've got the latest upload, there was a typo in the first one!


while you're tweaking it, may i suggest that the menu actually says "About NoClose.."
rather than just "NoClose", which is not clear what it will do.
(same idea would hold for any other app of course).

New suggestion...
also after Ctrl+1 is pressed, the Alt+F4 combo is disabled for that app...I go insane after I do that - one window too many can be very, very bad for me.


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