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DONE: "Stop Me From Closing It" - prevent easy closing of a program

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Sometimes i have a web page open in my browser or something, and i want to leave it open for a while (like a few hours).
but i inevitably forget and at some point end up closing the program while tidying up the desktop.

i wonder if it wouldnt be possible to have a tray based program that let me sort of "lock" and "unlock" a running program,
which would just remove its "close" button maybe (it'd be nice of the close menu was gone from taskbar right click menu too).

so i'm not looking for some high security thing, just a way to prevent casual closing in a moment of forgetfullness.

ps. this might be a stupid request  :-\

 :) Great idea! Can't be done in AutoHotkey, i think, as it doesn't have a global message hook.


no idea if it can be done in ahk, but i was thinking that it might be possible to simple modify the "system menu" property of a window that would disable its clost button.. i could be wrong though.

Carol Haynes:
Not at all stupid - I need this too for exactly the same reasons. Actually it would be nice if the close icon could be changed for a padlock or something similar.

There must be a way to do this because DM2 manages to change basic window functionality in all windows.

Actually DM2 has the nice feature of locking windows down to a floating icon which could serve a similar purpose in the interim.

i sometimes get into a close everything frenzy and then realise i've closed too much so i have to agree it's a good idea.


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