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"Check mail every ??? minutes"

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Outlook. No setting for it. :( Or none that I can see. Can't be bothered to look too deep as I just check manually most of the time.

I check mail manually when I have time and if I am required / asked to.

I check if I know that i'm waiting for an e-mail, other than that, I dont bother with them.

Since I typically use Gmail, I just leave a window/tab open to it most of the time. But since I also use Google Talk and have an Android phone, I often get notifications through those before Gmail updates itself.

But back when I used a client on my machine and downloaded mail from the POP server, I set it to check every 5 minutes. That was even on a dial-up connection.

Also, I have never used Outlook, except as required by various employment, and I have no idea what settings they used for e-mail there.

This will sound funny but I use the BAT! and do not worry about the e-mail upgrading.


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