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What is your favorite program to listen to internet radio?

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Screamer Radio is perfect for me. I switched from Winamp's MP3Streamer to it. Cool .  :up:

I use foobar2000 (I also use it to clean the house and pet cats, but that's another story ;D). Pretty much all the major audio players can handle streaming, including those with a less busy interface, like XMPlay, VUPlayer or AIMP.

I listen to pandora, so I have a pandora adobe air app

I use Quintessential Player for Y E A R S now, must say for me it is the best by far! I also tried Winamp, Foobar & co. but QCD beats them all  :)

Hope this helps...

I also have my own Radio-Site, I hope you'll check it out & let me know how do you like it, OK?

I prefer Jango.  It lets me build a station with only the artists I want to hear.  I can also select individual songs I never want to hear, songs I want to hear sometimes, and those I want to hear a lot.


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