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What is your favorite program to listen to internet radio?

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currently I use Winamp, but I am looking for an alternative with a less clutteres interface. Winamp is currently having far too much functions for a normal user. I am just looing for a simple program.  :Thmbsup:

how about Screamer Radio? also has a good complementary program by Skrommel - ScreamerMenu.


I agree, Radiosure has moved to the front .. and is being updated regularly so far

I haven't tried a lot of players, just WinAmp and SpiderPlayer.  But the latter quickly became my favorite.  It provides access to the thousands of Internet radio stations from Shoutcast and Icecast, and you can add other stations quite easily.  There's both a shareware and a freeware version.  

Earlier this year (April 2009), there was a very positive review of SpiderPlayer from the Neat Net Tricks software review panel.


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