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Is It Possible to Create your own book?


Is there a way for you to create and use your own book in popup windows?  Is there a fairly simple way for this to be done??

Yes, it's very simple.
The books are just text files with one quote per line(!) -- or multiline quotes separated by % character

The easiest way to make a book is to go into the books directory and look at the existing book files in a text editor.
Then just write your own book file and put it in that directory.

I just downloaded the Popup Wisdom program. But am having difficulty with editing the existing books. Specifically, when I added my own quotes to the "UserQuotes" file and then tried to save it, every time Notepad came up with a message saying "Cannot Creat C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\PopUpWisdom\Books\UserQuotes.txt file" --- Help would be appreciated.


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