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ExpressionEngine offering a free version of it's CMS



 I used to run a blog off of a pmachine installation and it was really nice,easy and straight foward.
I've fiddled with ExpressionEngine and it's pretty powerfull stuff.Nice community surrounding it aswell.

I highly recommend it to anyone thinking of starting a site. :Thmbsup:

just a little caveat warning from me:
choosing a content management system is an important decision because it can be very hard to switch to a different one later.  so you really need to be confident that whatever you choose is a viable longterm choice.

Very true especially when implementing a forum into your site.This stunted ExpressionEngine's growth for the
longest time cause people had to bring their own forum(they have a forum module now,50 bucks)and when they
brung their own forum you had to register once to comment on the blog,then register again to participate in
their forum.

I think the free core version is to attract more programmers.While it has a large following,it has a small group
of developers.Nothing beats a community of loyal followers.Simple machines has a lot of contributers,they mentioned something about releasing a CMS about a year ago,is that what this site is built on or is it home brewed?


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