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PDF on my website/fill-in?

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I will follow up your link in the morning

I hope you haven't spent $400. Try It's inexpensive and also has a free plan.

Review and via

I read the review and looked at the site.
Looks perfect for this small town club for kids that needs online registration.
Thanks for the good info!

Doculicious looks awesome, and exactly what we've been needing for our (church) Web site.  Thanks for the link! :Thmbsup:

Carol Haynes:
How about Google forms?

I know they aren't PDF but basically you can set up a webform on your website and whenever someone submits the form the details are entered into a row of a corresponding spreadsheet in your GoogleDocs account. You can then periodically download the spreadsheet for use in Excel or a database with all the filled form data and reset the GoogleDoc spreadsheet to empty.


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