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Pydoc and getting results in Farr

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ah yes i see -- its not a fixed spacing font.
i can add an option to fix that i think -- to workaround it for now, go to options, custom font settings, and set a fixed font for the memo.

thanks man

added command to temporarily put memo into fixed font mode, since i think kartal's need will match others.
the command is:
tempmemofont fixed

or you can use
tempmemofont custom
to put memo into the custom configured font setting temporarily.

it will revert to normal on next search.

i notice that your output says "please wait a moment..."
and just point out that the next version of FARR lets you call
instead of appcap
which will show lines as they are outputted by the console tool, which is useful for commandline tools that take a bit of time to run.

features will be in next update.


How do you use "tempmemofont fixed " in the alias though?

here's a sample alias:

pingtest | tempmemofont fixed;;;showmemo Output of Ping:;;;appcapappendmemo c:\windows\system32\ping.exe


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