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Pydoc and getting results in Farr

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I want to use Farr to query python document. There is a module for it and it would print out to console. I know there were some works regarding getting console output. Is it something doable at the moment with latest release?

the command you want is appcap:;search=appcap

mouser thanks, this turned out to be easier than I thought. This will be instant help access for me.

I have 2 questions or suggestions.

-Spacing(of words) of console output is not same inside Farr. The content looks little scrabled due to that.  Is there a way to force formatting?

-Any way to change memo background color?

can you elaborate about issue 1? maybe a screenshot?
as for memo background color -- not currently but would be easy to add.

Sure here we go
In the original one all these words are aligned but not in Farr


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