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KlipKeeper Problem


I get the message every bootup...

" is not a valid file"


It is "KlipKeeper_data.dat" and it should be in the directory. Rename that one for now then copy the "KlipKeeper_data.dat.bak" (that is the backup file) and rename it to the "KlipKeeper_data.dat" . It sure seems like the first one could of got corrupted somehow. Not sure other than that.  If that don't fix it see private for email to mail me the data file that it is saying that with for me to inspect it if possible.


I reinstalled KK and it still gives same message!

did you delete the old KlipKeeper_data.dat after exiting FARR?

I deleted whole folder - just re did and told FARR to reload plugins - so far so good!

Will see what happens tomorrow at boot...


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