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CHS Feature Request: visual at copy, or, paste

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For users who may not be able to or want an audio confirmation sound on capture, is there a way, or could there be a way, to have some kind of visual confirmation/indication "fire" when copying or pasting?  Thanks.

that's not a bad idea -- would a brief icon change be noticeable enough i wonder? it would be the easiest thing to do, but you'd really have to be looking at it to notice it i think.

Good idea, Icon change would suffice, but an optional tray balloon tip might be nice as well.

true, easy enough.

Hope it's OK to jump in here for quick comment.  I feel that one becomes accustomed to just about any visual change/flash/momentary icon color when you know it's going to or supposed to happen.  For instance all that might be necessary for most users may be a change in the tray "clipboard" icon color, or a momentary indication on near the position of the copy/or paste.

Well, I'm beginning to see how difficult it is to "whittle" down a lot of bright ideas, so, thats my take and hope it can help for the future.  Thanks for your attention.



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