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What the hell is OpenCandy?

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Lets be careful about the choice of words for the naming "Open"+"Candy".  They are making it like this stuff is all open and sweet.  app103 is right on the track. These guys are very sneaky.
-kartal (May 13, 2009, 12:36 AM)
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The name itself is telling. Who in their right mind would find some open candy and just eat it? Never trust candy that's been opened! Anybody who has gone Trick Or Treating knows that!

I have a question that needs clarification, if another developer wants to recommend an application through OpenCandy, without that developer being an OpenCandy member, can he do that?

In other words, if I were an OpenCandy member and wanted to recommend one of mouser's apps in the installer of one of mine, and he wasn't a member, could I do that?

In my experience with regular (normal, novice, whatever we should call them) users, they prefer installers because they aren't sure what to do with zip files. I'm a techie, but personally I don't have a preference of installer vs. zip file. As long as an application with an installer includes a 'Custom' install option where I can choose where to install the app and select/deselect shortcuts and stuff like that, I'm happy.

Plus (if necessary for some apps, like Spiceworks for example) installers help ensure prerequisites like .Net, VC++ redistributables, Ruby, PHP, Python, certain necessary patches, etc are installed. Nothing worse than trying to run an app and find out you need to download and install something to make it actually run. :)

Dr. Apps
Software Community Guru
-drapps (May 13, 2009, 08:16 PM)
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I am sorry but that is not an answer to my worry. I mentioned that because of your venture will force  more developers to use installers when they do not need to. You are making it as if like  installers are needed and necessary. They are not necessary in half of the cases. Without installers your whole idea of OC fails unless you force them to integrate into their application which will be a worse case. 

If O'Reilly is investing in exploitation of spam technologies, I would stop buying their products as well. No big deal.

I also do not think that those Divx guys learned their lessons. They might ask for a second chance but I am not seeing them being any further than they were back then. It seems like they are just adapting themselves and have not moved an inch forward and no salvation there.

I just do not see OC being any good or bringing anything good. This is no different than getting a spam call in the middle of a dinner, you know that is when they call you.

I might be entitled to my opinions but I can educate-convince quite a lot of people. I know that is what you are addressing  here, but you have a very hard case to sell to be honest.

I mentioned that because of your venture will force more developers to use installers when they do not need to.
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Not trying to convince you to change your mind Kartal, i respect your opinions -- but i'm not sure what you mean about forcing developers to use installers -- surely no one is going to force people to use this technology.

One other note:
I actually use Inno Setup for all of my programs, but i use a technique that let's me make the installers optional, so people can manually unzip the install programs to use them without running an installer.  The same could be done for developers who want to use Open Candy with inno setup (and NIS installer).


Well OC relies on the fact that there is an installer with the application. If there is no installer they cannot run the recommendation service unless they start showing banners during startups of the softwares which can be another annoying issue for people. What I was trying to say that, lets say I developed a popular alarm software and I am distributing it as a single zip file. OC approaches me and tells me great things about it and I decide to use it. Well from that point I would give up the zip distro because OC mainly relies on installers, as far as I understand.

I am glad that your installers can be uncompressed. In general before installing something I generally try to uncompress it first, if I can`t then I run a spyware on it after that I install it. So in that respect I totally appreciate your sensitivity towards users who dislike installers.


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