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What the hell is OpenCandy?

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Developing software is hard  and selling it harder.
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Yes. Not every developer is good at marketing. and freeware applications supported with ad-banners on web-page hardly earns bucks because of sites like, stealing their traffic. So yes, for some developement part is easy but selling it is very hard.

Ad supported services never get better they  just get more and more obscene and obnoxious. I am sure you all have seen this happening around. Do you think that google would advertise less and less by the time goes?
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I understand why one might be tempted to call anything that shows an ad "AdWare", but i think it would be a real mistake to put programs that use OpenCandy anywhere near the same category of programs that really use AdWare as i understand it.

Let's consider the two kinds of programs:

1. You install a program (be it word processor, utility, whatever) -- and every time it runs it shows some advertisements in the window.  I wouldn't install such a program personally (though i'm not saying there is anything inherently bad or evil about it -- people seem very happy to use web software that does this).  This is what I call AdWare.

2. A program that shows some ads during the installation, but the actual software installed and used on a daily basis contains no ads or anything extra running on your pc.  This is what OpenCandy seems to do, and i think it would be misleading to call such software AdWare.  If you call this AdWare, then any program installer that showed a little picture "advertising" the authors web site, or other programs written by the author, would be considered AdWare.

Honestly, do we really want to label as AdWare any program whose installer shows such a banner or image *only during the installation process* adware?  I think that would be pretty misleading and confusing.  This is not even in the same universe as a program that shows ads when you run it, and seems totally harmless to me.

Everyone knows i really dislike ads -- i think more than most people.  i've resisted putting them on dc, and i have written over and over again how i find the googleization of the web and the desire to put ads everywhere very troubling.

To me, putting ads or recommendations or surverys or whatever on an application *installer* that i use only once, is one of the least bothersome things i've heard -- as far as i'm concerned when i am installing someone's software they have the right to show me some quick info about their company, ask me to consider donating, answer some optional questions, recommend i support some charities, tell me their political views, etc.  and it doesn't bother me or strike me as wrong in any way.  As long as once i install the software it leaves me alone.

To me, putting ads or recommendations or surverys or whatever on an application *installer* that i use only once, is one of the least bothersome things i've heard-mouser (May 14, 2009, 01:04 PM)
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Same here :up:

I would like to make one thing clear on my side. The ads are not a big deal. I would turn off the internet install it run virus software block it with firewall etc etc. My position on ads are in general very close to mouser`s position. The main troubling thing to me is the privacy aspect. Gathering information about people`s behaviour in any way is invasion of privacy unless someone willingly knowingly giving it away. In that sense, the whole web turned into place for phishing pretty much. And this was not the web we were dreaming back in  early 90s.  How did we get to this place? Because of AD SUPPORTED SERVIVE MENTALITY. Now everyone wants statistics about you to sell to another. It is a scheme that will create bigger burden for us later.

Back to OC, showing recommandations is not a problem if it was done by charity that has no intention abotu collecting any kind of information about you. But these people are in this business to just to do opposite of that. These little baby steps and sneaking into your private computer environments are all about gathering mor and more data about you so that they can target you with more ads.

I would like to mention that I have nothing to hide, it is not like I am hiding anything here, if anyone is living my area would like to check, they can come and check to see if I have some fishy stuff going on my computers. The reason I am worried about privacy aspects more than many other people is that I just find it wrong that many companies-entities do not care about everyone`s right to be stay invisible and be no one.


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