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What the hell is OpenCandy?

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But a developer distributing software has even less of an excuse when it comes to naivety. Plus OC are paying the devs, so they aren't feeding off the freeware/opensource communities, OC are providing those communities with money (with which to feed themselves :D ).

If users stop paying for software or support it via donations then i see only OC or similar ad-supported modes as option to survive.

I have to say one thing, people please do not reason and normalize bad behaviour. What OC is doing is bad behaviour, spyware or not. Is there anyone who is willingly to be happy about the fact that these guys are creating a network of computers installed with OC (in many cases mistakenly) . Do you realize this is a marketer`s dream?

Is there anyone here who willingly and happily let OC install itselfs and other apps and kept it in there since then? Just curious.

It is an intentional  false promise to me. And it will get worse.

Lots of people willingly run Google Chrome, that does more tracking than OC.

Recent add-on of google chrome even tracks what you don't want to see on results and filter ads based on that. History of web searches is also tracked based on IP address (thats the reason people use scroogle). OC is 1% evil compared to google.


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