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What the hell is OpenCandy?

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Thanks for the welcome.  :)

And wow, I'm glad somebody actually read the whole post! Apologies that it's so inordinately long :)

I hope you will continue your role in making sure that OpenCandy maintains the policies you describe -- making sure that "recommended" software is opt-in and that nothing is installed on the users pc that would send info back to the site about user during usage of their selected program.
--- End quote ---

My word is my bond... As long as I am at OpenCandy (even without me there it'd be the same way) there will NEVER be a day that WE install or do ANYTHING that surreptitiously sends info about users during usage of their selected apps.

No question about it... If we were ever to build something with that type of Wakoopa-like functionality, it would be EXPLICITLY and CLEARLY OPT-IN. (I would think something like that would be a standalone app.)

Speaking of Wakoopa, I don't currently participate in it, but I always thought it was interesting that people do. I think Wakoopa's policies are great though -- you own the data. That's the way it should be.

Speaking of the difference between the web and the desktop, that's something we have talked about before (it was even brought up in my interview). My take is that that type of tracking is "inherent" to the web (you don't own it like you do your desktop), so that's why it's tolerated the way it is. Who knows? Maybe I'm wrong. It's a like a separation of church and state type thing to me. I own my desktop, I don't own the web. It'll be interesting if Microsoft (since they're such a large company) actually releases an ad-supported (and  I don't mean a recommendation during the install process) version of Office. Times, they are a changing. Let's all be vigilant and make sure things change the way we want them to... in a way that doesn't trample all over our privacy/rights.

Thanks again for reading my long post and for the time/energy/effort you put into DonationCoder.


Dr. Apps
Software Community Guru

Just to clarify this tweet: 

We don't have an installer wrapper or custom installer. Developers who want to recommend software using OpenCandy just need to download our SDK and integrate a script into their installer (currently we support NSIS, Inno and Installshield installer platforms). Developers who have done it say it takes approximately 20-60 minutes...

Thanks. :)

Dr. Apps
Software Community Guru

Ah that makes sense.. i'll modify the post.


I did read your post. I can see where your ambitions about OC come from. But as a user and also promoter of good applications written by good people I have no interest in supporting OC in any way, I would even go further and try to inform people about. They take it or not but it would be my duty to inform people.

The thing is that most of the attempts like OC success relies on people`s ignorance or illiteracy about how this kind of stuff operates. Uneducated people are very good targets for this kinds of ventures. For example I totally understand what mouser`s position is, he is a developer and he understands many aspects of it. But many people out there have no idea about this kind of stuff. By giving a name like OpenCandy you think you can win hearts of minds of people. The only reason many people would not say anything about stuff like this because they have no idea about what you are up to.

Your personal assurances has really no meaning to me. I am glad you fulfill your ambitions and you are passionate about them but that is the end of the story for me
pretty much. I am not trying to be rude at all, I just do not think the future you are representing is good for everyone  and I find  that the facts in your post are just fictional for now.  As long as all the statistics and numbers are not disclosed I personally would not change my mind. If you want to be "open" let it be.

When I decide to use an application for longer term, I check out developer`s responses, developer`s attitude in the forums, number of releases and the path he/she takes when it comes to privacy. One of the reason I am so passionate about FARR (mouser`s app)  because he is a good guy and he is trying to do right thing with his application developements. He could have taken the divx guys path but then I personally would not use Farr anymore because a good software without good developer is a dead software to me.

Btw I was going to Libre graphics  meeting as well but I had a project cameup that was conflicting with Libre Graphics dates. I had friends attended though.


 :up: :up: exactly my feelings.

If OC is such a wonderful thing then why the developers that include it in their installer don't tell the users about it in advance?


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