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DONE: Scan music collection for missing covers/artwork

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The Guid differs for each image, it serves as some kind of identification code for the album in some database I think. And about 1/3rd to 1/2 of my collection has tags in the files I reckon - and I am not sure how much of that also has the files. But just listing the first thing encountered is allright by me =)
-worstje (May 12, 2009, 11:02 AM)
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Would you like the whole filename displayed?  Or something shorter like "AlbumArt_{*}_Large.jpg"?

The shorter variety is peachy. I really don't care much about the precise filename =)

Just gave the download a shot. Some things I think could still use improving:

1) Copying the name does not work.
2) Opening the directory doesn't work either and gives an error. I think you are reading the wrong column for the data (Resolution rather than the Path column) seeing how it complained about not finding 500x500.
3) It is listing some directories I'd rather not have it list. Some subdirectories have images only in them, or other extra information not part of the songs. For example, a fair part of my collection has Artist\Album directory structure, and the Artist has some extra stuff like playlists (m3u) or other stuff like it, causing it to be included in the listing while I'd consider it empty for the purpose of this little tool.

And after toying with it a bit, I think having some toggle to display the found covers in the listing would be nice after all. Consider it ego-stroking to get an impression on how far along I am to getting my collection properly 'covered' again. Aah, lame puns, how I love thee. :)

Thanks for your hard work on this.

Doesn't Windows Media Player scan your library and download album art, etc. for your music automatically?

Maybe it does. But I used it ages ago for about 3 weeks, then I decided I hated it because it doesn't live up to my level of OCD. Which admittedly is the case with a fair fair amount of programs which have all found the virtual dumpster since. Half of the programs store the album art they find anywhere but with your music too, which is partially to blame for my current lack of covers. :/

Of course, my dumping iTunes means I need to find a better program to manage my ipod with, which are also far and inbetween. Maybe that's going to be the next coding snack I request. *cackle*


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