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Star Trek 2009 - Discussion [SPOILERS]

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I thought it was GREAT!  I'm a trekkie -- although not an obsessive one, and I had no trouble with the reboot.  After the dismal Voyager series, and the awful Enterprise series, I fully expected this movie to be lamer than lame.  But no, it was FUN to watch. 

I thought all the actors captured the essence of the characters without descending into simple mimicry, and I could easily see the older characters in these younger versions of themselves.  I don't mind seemingly minor story faults, (although there's less of them than you might think) and was happy to see a story that felt true to the spirit of the original series.  Heh, even the slightly lame villain seemed true to the original series. 

This movie recreated the original feeling that I had when I first saw the show, which was a feeling that I never thought I'd experience again.  I can't think when the last time was that I saw such an enjoyable movie.

Not a bad film. It's entertaining.

Whoever was responsible for the set design does, however, deserve special credit. Especially for the interior stage sets, which are much better done than in any of the previous films. At long last the engineering sections of the ship actually look functional and to scale. Very nicely done overall. :up:

As far as story goes, the screenplay is moderately flawed (artistically and technically) in several places. It strongly believe could have been done a lot better. But even with the flaws, and occasional 'predictabilites,' it's still a decent action flick.

Maybe it's not good enough to rate a "Don't Miss" tag, but it's still good enough to be worth paying the $10 I did to see it up on the 'big screen.'

(Disclaimer: I'm neither a Trekkie nor a Trek fanboy - but I grew up with the series so I still retain a certain nostalgic fondness for the franchise.)

I enjoyed, I'd say the alt. reality business was to just give the freedom to plots of any future movies. You would make big enemies of the die hards who would be driven mad by the various contradictions setting your events within an already established, pretty obsessivly loved, universe.

Now fans have the characters they love in a whole new set of 'adventures' and newcomers don't have to know the eniter backstory to be able to just pickup and enjoy the movies for what they are.

A wish decision I think.

I would rate the movie a B+ overall, but a C- for cinematography and a C for "Trekiness".

I am getting very sick of the constant movement ("shaky cam") and rapid angle/scene changes Hollywood is now using to "spice up" the action.  It doesn't make it more exciting at all, it just makes it almost impossible to follow the action unless you can watch the scene 3 to 4 times!  >:(  Also, I would have liked them to have zoomed out a bit more.  Almost the entire movie takes place from a close up perspective.


* Ugh, time travel, especially when it creates paradoxes is very hard to write.  The "big reveal" of how Nero and Spock came to the time the movie takes place was just lame.  Supernova, Red Matter, WTF!?!I could go on...but there's no need. :D

I would say it is flawed but good.

I am a Star Trek lover. Always was. Always will be. My expectations of this movie, however, were so low, I didn't want to bother seeing it. Nothing else was on. I went to see it. Flawed? Sure. But I was seriously entertained. What else is a movie for?  Popcorn was good too.


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