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NoteZilla @ 50% off on (13th May)

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We are very pleased to announce that NoteZilla will be offered at 50% discount price on only on 13th May 2009. You will be able to purchase it for $14.95 instead of regular $29.95 price.

Don't miss it. We are offering 50% discount for the first time.

Learn more about NoteZilla at:


One of my FAVORITE programs ever!  Between to-do lists and task reminders, I use the thing ALL DAY, EVERY DAY.

Steven Avery:
Hi Folks,

I'm gonna play with it today.  I've tried a couple of freeware sticky notes in the past (Presto Notes, maybe Stickies) .. but they didn't stick.  At least they did not survive my XP reinstall with any compelling unction to reinstall.

It looks like NoteZilla has increased functionality, attaching to programs or web-pages -- making it interesting.  Also I may use it a lot with a screen capture program (yes, I know there are screen capture programs that include a text-note function .. but I generally don't use them :) ).

Ok, will give it a try today.


Hmmm, 12 hours left.

If you are going to have a look and post about it, a little mention of the pros/cons Vs Stickies would be helpful.
I have Stickies open most of the time, but use it rarely. I've not seen any killer features in the writeups on NoteZilla to get me to check it out so far.

Stickies is portable (you have to pay more for the NoteZilla portable version and this does not seem to be available on BdJ)
Stickies synchronises with PDAs
And Stickies is free


NoteZilla Portable is available on BDJ (Read the last few comments on BDJ).
NoteZilla can synchronize with any PDA via MS-Outlook.

And there are several more features compared to Stickies.


Gautam Jain


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