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My wishlist for desktop organizer



I have an idea of organizing my desktop, which is cluttered with too many icons. Many people desktop are like that too. So my idea of a perfect tool to organize, is to put them organize into folders on the desktop but when I mouse over them, it will open the folder automatically and show the remaining icons.

It's like having the Start Menu at the corner, only multiple of them in the desktop. Anyone know of such a tool in existance?

Something close to what you are looking for is Fences.

Cool, from stardock too.

Fences is awesome, I have it on my desktop computer as well as my dad's, and it has helped us both (he is a "basic" kind of computer user, point-click-and-expect kind of thing, and I am the one to tinker until I hit a BSoD :P). I have all my icons showing on the bottom of my screen, with ObjectDock Plus autohiding up at the top, and when I have too many windows open I can hide my desktop icons to help me focus on what I'm doing (someone HAS to make a version of Compiz Fusion for Windows). I don't think I will go back to the default method unless Fences becomes shareware at some high price (like $40 or something) or isn't compatible with whatever version of Windows that I am be running.


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