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Replace a text file input with a pipe or redirect for DDR?


This is probably more of a dos command question than strictly DDR, but that's what I'm trying to get this to work with.

Here's it is:
Running a script command that uses a text file as it's input.  The text file is just a list of files and some other fixed info on each line.

Import.bat  cr.txt -t restore

What I'd like to do is replace the "cr.txt" input file with a value from DDR based on a file name.  Any way to do this?

The other option is to run a two step .bat that creates the .txt file first, but thought there might be a way to avoid this.


thats a very good question.. as you say a two step process might be the way to go, where you first run a batch (or other program language script) to create the cr.txt and then run the import.

there is no easier way that DDR has for creating text files for you.  i could add such a feature, but my feeling has been that it's more sensible to encourage people to use a real scripting language to do such things and launch those scripts, rather than doing some adhoc thing built into DDR.


Pipes or redirects can't do anything like this?

I didn't think so, but figured I'd check before I before I got started. 


Pipes or redirects can't do anything like this?
well actually you might be able to -- i'm just not good enough at dos commandline stuff to know.


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