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Free Total Commander licences

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Last update

I've just received an email from Mr. Ghisler saying that he contacted with contestants.

Congratulations and I think I am done with my role :)
-fenixproductions (June 18, 2009, 10:14 AM)
--- End quote ---

just after getting my key :Thmbsup:

Just received my key! Thanks fenix (and Christian if you are reading this)!

I am happy for you, guys.

BTW I had also won my own key in the past but bought few for other people since then :)

Got mine as well, I feel much better now :D.

Thanks to fenix and Christian for making this contest possible :Thmbsup:.

I have been happily tweaking away making it look like my old favorite Dos Navigator, here is a screenshot:

Free Total Commander licences

You've still got default buttons :)

Mine got little messy lately but still is more customized :p

Free Total Commander licences


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