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Free Total Commander licences

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Any of the winners receive their license yet? Just want to make sure mine didn't get lost.

Any of the winners receive their license yet? Just want to make sure mine didn't get lost.
-Innuendo (June 15, 2009, 12:58 PM)
--- End quote ---
I had the same thought.
Not so far, in my case.
I am living in suspenders  :)

I have heard nothing from him so far, so I guess he is busy. But like someone said, can't complain about having to wait a little for a free license :Thmbsup:.

I've always wanted to try to use TC, but the .. well .. let's be honest .. ugliness kind of kept me from doing so. Also I had this feeling it was a very die-hard product where people would discuss endlessly about which keyboard shortcut would be the most optimal to save 0.0001 second when performing some operation.

After having tried it for a while now and reading (and even daring to post on) the forum over there, I've come to the conclusion that I quite like some aspects of it .. there are some situations where a Norton Commander type interface just beats explorer type ones, and others where explorer are better. So having both TC and DO is great :up:.

I was a little disappointed searching through the forums that some suggestions are handled by suggesting people to use AHK scripts or external tools (like KatMouse) instead of fixing the actual program. But of course I am sure the author is a very busy guy, and at least the avid forum posters over there give some options. It just feels like it is going a bit against the whole "this is a power tool that uses as few resources and is as fast as possible" scheme.

Anyway, I am just rambling here .. I am sure he will get around to us lucky winners :).

Crap! I thought I posted more info here :(

Dear winners!

Christian had sent me confirmation email on Friday (12th) and asked what to do with "missing" user details (like postal code, city). I told him to ask you because I don't need to know your personal info and I've already told you, guys, that he'll ask by himself.

I know he is busy with beta stage but I don't think it will take longer than few more days to receive your keys.

please pass on the thanks of DC to Christian !


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