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Can't get Autoscroll capture to work

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I'm experiencing the same problem. It captures the visible part of the window and doesn't auto scroll. Command according to menu should be Ctrl-Shift-PrtScreen. Doing that indeed a red box appears in the upper-left, with instruction to use Ctrl-Shift-click. Doing that, it says ""region 1282x828"(the size of the visible window), to capture press click. Result: as mentioned above. Using latest version 2.56.01 and trying to capture an Internet page. I'm using Google Chrome. Same behaviour in IE by the way.

Another problem encountered: after doing the (partial) capture the capture mode remains active. When checking the result in Screenshot Captor program window, the red outline remains active and tries to capture the result in Screenshot Captor (...). And even now, when typing this message, it still tries to capture this forum page. Etc. I don' t have a solution, but maybe this "user input" can help make it a better software.

another thing i noticed in Firefox 3.x (might the same for other browsers as well) is that one has to be at the top of the page before attempting the scroll-capture. if started midway, then SC captures from that point onwards. so i'm curious to know how other users' experience might be.

I have found that whatever method I try with Firefox that it will only capture the screen that you see and won't autoscroll no matter what.

I'm wondering whether there may be addons that could be interfering with it.

I think it´s a problem by Screenshot Captor. I tried several other programs with autoscroll feature: Hypersnap 6.50.03, FastStone Capture 6.3, Ashampoo Snap 3 and SnagIt 9.12. All of these programs have no difficulties in Autoscrolling neither in Firefox 3 nor in IE 8. The problem seems for me, that Screenshot capture does not move the scrollbar, and therefore you get always a capture of the visible window. I hope that there will be a solution for this problem.


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