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New program: Ethervane StopWatch (freeware)

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That's 3 clicks just to keep using the same time over and over again.  If I've already loaded the time, it would be better if it resets after it finishes, and then I just click start to do it again.  That's only one click.  And if this happens, I would also suggest the program to remember the last used timer setting after exiting/restarting.
-superboyac (November 04, 2009, 11:40 AM)
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I hear you. As I (might have) mentioned upthread, I'm not happy with the implementation of the preset dialog. It's ugly and it's not convenient at all.

I should be able to add the feature you've suggested, but I'd much rather do away with that dialog box altogether. I originally wanted to have no modal dialogs in this app — I just haven't figured out how to make that happen without spoiling the simplicity of the main window. I don't want any bloat there and don't want to make the main window any larger.

Perhaps the preset controls could be placed in a collapsing section of the main window, so that they could be hidden when not used. I need to revisit this.

Here are some suggestions on my end to keep the interface the way it is for the most part, but add a couple of timer features:

You rock, Marek!!

For this and Active Hotkeys I am very grateful.



awsome app !!!

Perhaps you could add a Profile Editor

--> Add /modify a Profile
--> Delete a Profile,
--> Dublicate (perhaps)
--> Start selected Profile
--> Count UP / DOWN


My favorite Pizza: 20 minutes
My favorite tea: 5,30 minutes

Forgot some:
Increase and Decrease Time while running. (Up / Down)
Play Audio file when time is up
and continue counting to negative range turning into red colour (perhaps)

Thanks  :Thmbsup:

New (February 2012): StopWatch is now hosted on my site at This thread is still good for support and new version info, I'm not going anywhere :-)

A standard installer and a portable version are now available. Latest version direct download:

* standard installer
* portable version (zip file)


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