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New program: Ethervane StopWatch (freeware)

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nice to see Tranglos creating apps again. :up: out of curiosity, just what is 'Ethervane'?

out of curiosity, just what is 'Ethervane'?
-lanux128 (May 12, 2009, 03:38 AM)
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It's a weathervane for the Internet :)

It's a domain name I registered two years ago almost to the day, where I eventually want to publish any new apps I write, and make the tranglos site more related to my work, as it was origially meant to be.

I realized I couldn't come up with good names for new apps that weren't already taken. So instead of resorting to Web 2.0 contortions such as Zhaaz or Glurgr, I decided I would just prefix each app with Ethervane, so that I can go back to using good old words from the English lexicon: Ethervane Word, Ethervane Excel, Ethervane Publisher, Ethervane Access...  :D

(Actually, is not so bad! Get it while it's hot, no record on internic as of today!)

So instead of resorting to Web 2.0 contortions such as Zhaaz or Glurgr,
-tranglos (May 12, 2009, 04:53 PM)
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Haha...that was funny.  Everyone thinks they're so hip.
You can do what mouser does and attach the word "robot" or "commander" or "dictator" at the end of of the program name.  And make sure it's all one word and no less than 24 characters.

The countdown timer is great, thanks for adding it.  Some thoughts:

--It's a little inconvenient to have the countdown settings dialog pop up every time you want to start the timer.  It would be nice to be able to set it once, and then repeatedly use it over and over again, until you need to change the initial value.

--On a similar note, it would be useful to access presets from a drop-down menu somewhere in the options menu.

For both of these ideas, I'm keeping in mind the fact that you want to keep the interface simple.  So both suggestions don't interfere with the interface, they just add options or functionality.

Feature suggestion:

Currently, I use this program every day as my timer for brewing coffee.  I use it on countdown mode.  It would be nice if it remembered the last used countdown setting and/or automatically reset to the initial countdown set time without going through the process of setting the time again.  Here's all the steps it takes to set the countdown timer:

--click the "start:down" button
--click the "load preset" button in the set timer window that pops up
--click the "count down" button

That's 3 clicks just to keep using the same time over and over again.  If I've already loaded the time, it would be better if it resets after it finishes, and then I just click start to do it again.  That's only one click.  And if this happens, I would also suggest the program to remember the last used timer setting after exiting/restarting.


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