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Actual Window Manager mini review

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I'm running Vista 64-bit and have yet to see the memory leak (system has been running for over a week without a restart, though it does sleep at night). I am noticing an odd inconsistency inwhich the title bar buttons (and context menu, sadly) appear/disappear in certain programs. However, as tranglos notes, this affects apps that also add buttons to the title bar (DOpus 9, for example), so I'm living with it.

In sum, version 5.4 is exceedingly well behaved on my system and uses about a third the resources that UltraMon does.

Well, thank you very much for the mini review... AWM replaced  FileBX now. (Finally.)
About the "too many buttons" on small windows: The group button is enough for me, as all features are hotkeyed..


One of the nice features of AWM is it's ability under Vista and Windows 7 to maximize the desktop background on a secondary monitor  :) I'm sure that if I researched this I'd find a hack I could do to do this myself, but it's nice to have AWM do it for me. It works even if AWM is not running on the machine  :-*

PS it also allows you to set unique wallpaper for each monitor attached to your system  :Thmbsup:

Yes, thanks for sorting out the discount.

Another one to add to the list of windows managers (Works very well on my system for last 6 months). I already use Ultramon but the regular expression matching of window titles works well for me ...

Window Layout Manager - Wilma.
Post a comment at the end of the above web page page for a link to the download location. Not sure I should disclose it directly without the authors permission

Home Page for Wilma

Thanks again for sorting the discount !!!!
-qwibbles (August 23, 2009, 07:17 AM)
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Ok this is great. But how do you make it work only on active window that is under the mouse pointer? Is this only for managing multiple windows?


[!] Beginning from the version 8.0, the Upgrade Policy changes:

now purchasing the registration code grants you the Free Upgrades Subscription for a certain period (a year). During this period, you are eligible to get any new versions of the program for free. After this period expires, you will have to purchase another registration code to prolong the Free Upgrades Subscription (in case you want to do so). Otherwise, you can continue to use the last actual version of the program, it will remain registered and fully functional.-AWM version 8
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[!] Beginning from the version 8.0, the Licensing Policy changes:

now you must purchase as many copies of the program as many users will use the program simultaneously. There is no limit on the number of computers the program can be installed on and registered with the same registration code until the number of simultaneous users is less than or equal to the number of purchased copies. For more information, please refer to the license.txt document in the program's installation folder.
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