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IDEA: Theme Switcher for Rainmeter


Hello Everyone,
 Just a bit of warning but this post may be a little long. Hopefully, this won't take long to code though. I think AHK is perfect for this, so Skrommel could probably do it in a couple hours. He is one of the most talented and prolific AHK coders I've ever seen.

IDEA: The monitoring app Rainmeter stores information on which configs to display, and positioning and other settings for them in rainmeter.ini. What I propose is a program to manage multiple rainmeter.ini files. This would effectively allow you to have multiple setups that you can switch between.

GUI: Dialog that shows a list of available "themes", that you can select. A load button, that will load the selected theme. A save button that will save the current setup as either a new "theme" or overwrite an existing one.

OPERATIONS: Clicking the Save button would open a dialog asking for a name for the theme. Enter name hit OK. The program creates a new subfolder inside the previously created "Themes" folder using the name entered in Save As dialog. It then copies the rainmeter.ini into that folder

Select a theme in the list, (which displays the names of the subfolders inside the Themes folder) hit Load button. The program then copies the current rainmeter.ini into the appropriate folder. (I guess the program would need some flag set when a theme is loaded so that it would know which folder to copy the current ini to when a new theme is loaded.) The program then closes rainmeter.exe. Copies the ini from the selected theme folder to the root Rainmeter folder, overwriting the existing one. Then the program starts rainmeter.exe.

Command line loading of themes would be useful as well. Giving the theme name as an argument to the app, would have it save the current ini to the appropriate folder. Exit Rainmeter. Copy specified theme ini. Restart Rainmeter.

That took a while to describe, but the concept is fairly simple I think. Can anyone help us out with this?


EDIT June 14th 2009: A member of the Rainmeter community has taken on this project. He is writing it in Auto-It.


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