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Video Splitter: What's the best AND easiest?

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Before you start recommending virtualdub or avisynth, or something along those lines, let me explain.  I'm looking for the best, easiest video splitter.  I'm talking you load a video, pick two points, press a button, and you're done.  Very, very simple...monkey-simple.  Either free or pretty cheap (~$20)

However, I've tried probably dozens of these programs (and there are a LOT of them), and they all have had a feature missing or something I didn't quite like.  If you look at a previous thread here, you can see some of the ones I'm talking about:
1. Easy Video Splitter
2. Ultra Video Splitter
3. Speed Video Splitter
4. Video File Master
5. New Video Splitter
6. SolveigMM Video Splitter
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As I've tried these programs, I've narrowed my requirements down to the features I really really want.  So here they are:

--Being able to manually type in (h:m:s etc.) the split points.  Many of these programs don't have this.  As soon as I see that this is not possible, I'm done with that program.  I don't want to slide a bar around to find my point.

--Must be able to split losslessly.  I don't want any re-encoding.  When I press the "split" button, I don't want it asking me what format I want the clip in.  Just clip the file at the points.  For conversion, there are much better things to use, like Super.  Also, it makes the splitting faster, obviously, if it doesn't have to convert.  The majority of these programs do this, but there are a lot that don't, so you have to be careful.

--(not critical, but would be nice)  It would be nice if there was a volume control (or mute) button for the programs previewer.  Most of these programs omit it, and there's no way to control the volume.  You have to use the Windows master volume mixer.  Not a big deal, but a nuisance.

The program I've liked the most so far is one called Movie Splitter by the company Movie Toolbox.  It pretty much has it all except for the volume control (but it has a mute button).

Anyway, I was just wondering if you guys knew of any other good ones, I'm curious.  And maybe there's a great one that happens to be free!

Boilsoft's Video Splitter comes close but it doesn't seem to have volume control..

I just can't get over the fact that almost all these software houses have two separate products - one for splitting and one for joining, I'd have thought they're two sides of the same coin!

Depending on the codec, AviDemux might work for you.  I don't think it has movie preview, just the image of the frame at the cursor.  But it has split, and append functions.  As you might expect, it has some doodads for .avi input.  Like in Automation tab you can set it to automatically build VBR Map, rebuild index if needed etc when you open a file or load for append.  Also if you google there's a .js script out there someplace to append a chain of files like avi.001 avi.002 etc..

You can type in the times, and it copies the section out from the nearest I Frame on begin and end.  For cutting and appending it's very fast.

Some types of input I haven't had much luck with it such as .wmv.  But for .avi esp. it's good.  Also has a Wiki page with command line options for complex script usage.

btw if you try it out on Windows I recommend using the GTK ui. It's a lot less flaky than the alternative at the moment.

Boilsoft's Video Splitter comes close but it doesn't seem to have volume control..
-lanux128 (May 02, 2009, 09:56 AM)
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Oh yeah, I forgot about this one!  Yes, Boilsoft is also very good.  i have nothing to complain about it, except for the volume thing.  I would put it up there with Movie Toolbox.


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