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FARR freezes


Hi all,
I'm newly converted user from launchy\executer and I really like this app.
It has many things that were missing from the other two, thanks to the dev and the plugins writers.

Unfortunately, I have a problem when trying to use it at my home PC w/ Windows 7.
Every time I try using CurrencyConverterMini or GooglePlus, which are both trying to access the internet, FARR just freeze.
This problem doesn't occur at my work PC w/ Windows XP.
Any idea why it happens?
Any help would be appreciated, as I really want to adopt FARR.


i need to do some windows 7 testing -- and hopefully the authors of those will too.  it sure sounds from your description that the problem is connecting to the web -- maybe windows 7 has some kind of firewall which is silently blocking this?

Thought it was the FW, too.
But many things didn't work properly or at all (WMP, TV Rename and FARR), and everything was fine after restart.
I believe it's related to the recent Windows update needed the system reboot to stabilize.


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