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Does anyone know of any good free software that can be used for tracking employee hours?  It seems like it would be a fairly simple software program but I can't for the life of me find something (at least close to) free.

very good question.. i don't know anything but i'm looking forward to seeing what members suggest.
one thing you might clarify -- are you looking for local pc application, or web-based application, or you don't care?

Are you talking about tracking employee payroll hours or employee billable time - or both?

To clarify, I did make it sound a little easier than what would be ideal.  I am looking for something that employees would use to punch in and out (using a user name and pwd combination).  It would only need to track their payroll hours.  The program would obviously need to report on the statistics, ideally with a user selectable from/to range (but totaling hours per each week).  Changes to punch ins/outs would need to be pwd protected so only a supervisor could change them.  Web based would be best, I guess, so that we could use it in multiple locations (though I guess we should log the ip address to make sure they're not punching in from home!).  PC app would work too, but then you could only have people log in from one location....
What do you think?

Don't know if it handles punch cards, but ActiTime looks like a very nice time tracker. The link points to the features of the free version, there is also a pay version.


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